Dark Link

The Legend of Zelda



So, I'm very pleased with this cosplay. I didn't want to do a full out Twilight Princess Dark Link, so I looked at some images from the upcoming Skyward Sword video game, and decided to go with that design. It's simpler and has less detail than TP version, but still looks better and more detailed than OoT version.

Construction wise, I used a suede moleskin fabric for the tunic and hat. I'm not very happy with the hat (not long enough), so I'll be remaking it before the next convention I take this costume to. I found the material for the chainmail around Halloween when there were weird fabrics, so I'm not totally sure what it is. Used the same undershirt, bottled potion, leather pouch, sword, and shield as I did for my OoT Dark Link. Bought the boots on Amazon and already had black pants. As for my ears, they're Woochie prosthetics bought from a Halloween store two years ago. They're technically space ears (like Spock, I guess), but they work well. I use Spirit gum to attach them and have my friend do makeup to blend them into my skin tone. Yeah, I think that's pretty much it. I absolutely love this costume. I'm only unhappy with a few minor things, but other than that, I adore this cosplay. I'll be wearing it at least one day of every con I go to.


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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Dark Link
Variant Skyward Sword


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