Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem



On the way to Anime Expo 2010, Harl asked if I would like to be the Arpegius in the group. I really wanted to join, and although I'm not the best crossplayer in the world, I decided to do it. Bonk was to be the Baryl and at Anime Iowa we asked Derka-chan if he would be our Octave. Thus the all Human cast of the Crescendolls was born. Well... plus Shep. :)

The wig is an Arda Wig, Magnum XL in Spanish Brown (050). I tried to style it in the hotel room to match Arpegius's. I thought it would be easy. It came out looking more like 80's porno hair or something. When I wear this again, I will style it better. However, I did get the poofyness on the top and straight and flippy on the bottom. Its just to messy.

Bought the glasses online from They have the best shipping confirmation e-mail btw. I recommend them.

The shirt was from Hobby Lobby. I painters taped off the line, making sure to keep it straight and the same size with measuring tape. Then I used Matte fabric glue in the stripe space. I dabbed it with a sponge so that it wouldn't have brush marks. I put on about 3 layers. It is amazingly flexible. I recommend this method if you can't afford to get it screen painted on.

The pants I bought from Salvation Army for 50 cents on a clearance day. The only problem is that they went up to my natural waist. (Ala Sally O'Malley So I used some black vinyl from Joann's remnants bin and made fake belt loops down around my hips to hold my belt. I also made the shirt come to about the belt line so that it looked okay over the pants.

The belt was also from Salv-o. I just bought one with a metal plate on the front of it so I could connect my belt buckle. I made everyone in the bang a belt buckle except Stella cause she was wearing the dress outfit. All the belt buckles are craft foam with Killz layered on top and sanded. Silver and metallic black was used to paint it and give it a more 3d effect. I love how unified we all look with them on in pictures.

The shoes I got at Walmart for 3 dollars on sale. I used fabric paint to add the white stripes by the shoe laces. Some photos have Arpegius with a V on his shoes and some did not. I went off a screen shot of him in the scanner right when he turns human.

The cuffs were reminent vinyl. I had to buy a little girls belt because everywhere I looked in my small town and the closest mall - 2 hours away - I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. So I 'harvested' the studs off a little girls belt that costed about 3 dollars. The cuffs velcro together under my arm.

I may make a guitar in the future. There is talk of making the blue versions as well. We'll see.


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Series Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem
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