Gumi (Megpoid)

Vocaloid 2

I did this at home, there's not that much edition, i wanted to give a panda hero look to it, without showing my toilet to the entire world xD oh well... i had everything at home so i rushed at 3 am or something xD i kind like how it came out, i might one day use it, with a little less translucent top xD i wont post the other pics, they are not ermmm much proper.
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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Gumi (Megpoid)

YukaiAmarante You're great! *o*

Miss LollyPop XD tens a noção que nao to a receber notificaçoes de respostas XD mesmo epico!

Miss LollyPop Tu tmbm actualizas isto XDD BUEEE ESTRANHO XD