Warden Queen

Dragon Age: Origins



I had this idea of merging the rogue grey warden armor with a ball gown for my Grey Warden who is the Queen of Ferelden.

I had my friend draw me a picture of my design because i cant draw it up.

I'll be wearing this the Friday of PAX Australia this year (2016) with a friend of mine as Alistair.

So Far

Made the template for the chest piece, cardboard is annoying to cut when you have dodgy scissors :P

shaped and trimmed the chest piece more and glued them together, its more stable now

made the left hand and right hand tassets, it was easier to do with a stanley knife.

primed the armor pieces for painting, had to use various tools and coffee cups to keep the shape i need for me :P


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Series Dragon Age: Origins
Character Warden Queen


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