Kagura Sohma

Fruits Basket



I've been a fan of Fruits Basket for many years, and for the longest time I wanted to do a cosplay from it. At first I had plans to cosplay as Kisa, but that never actually happened. Years later, I decided to go with Kagura, since a friend wanted to do Fruits Basket cosplay.

I found the dress at Goodwill. I made the cat bag entirely by hand. I actually made it for my final in my Costume Design class. XD I had help making the pattern for it.

The leggings I had and the white shirt I had(though I need to replace it when I cosplay her next!) And the boots I had.

(I'm going to improve this cosplay for Fanime 2016!)


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Series Fruits Basket
Character Kagura Sohma


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