Briar Rose

Sleeping Beauty



This costume as a nearly last minute decision to make. I think about two weeks before A-kon I went "Hey, why not make Briar Rose's outfit too since I already have the wig for Princess Aurora!"

I had the black cotton sateen at home that was left over from a commission, so I made the corset out of that. The shirt is a natural colored cotton sateen with a white sateen collar. It buttons in the back to keep any seams from showing in the front. I still need to make the actual cuffs on the sleeves, but elastic was a good stand-in until I stop being lazy and finish that one little detail. The skirt is a kona cotton and is basically a full circle. I wanted it to be nice and big so if I decided to twirl around and be all princessy.

While at a con, I wear simple black flats with the costume, but I love when I get to take off the shoes and go barefoot like she does in the movie. Honestly, this is one of the most comfortable costumes I have ever worn. It's so easy but so recognizable as well.


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Series Sleeping Beauty
Character Briar Rose


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