Beauty and the Beast



Belle and Jasmine are among some of my favorite Disney princesses- as a little girl I remember dressing up as Belle for Halloween, and even going so far as to say yellow was my favorite color, even though it really wasn't, just because I loved her yellow dress so much! (Purple, blue, and pink are my favorites, for the record.)

Out of all the ballgown-y princesses, Belle's dress has always been my favorite. It just has this angelic glowing feel to it, and despite the visual weight it can sometimes carry with all of the skirt ruching, it can be designed to still look like a light and fluffy cupcake! I've never felt more magical than when I wear this dress. I definitely am glad to have done it.

What's most interesting to me is that this has been one of my dream cosplays for quite some time, yet I was always intimidated to work with so much fabric, and create a strapless bodice. However, as a learning experience and experiment, I decided to make one, and did it all in pieces. I started with the skirt ruching which was really all just math, as well as the skirts underneath. The bodice was from a pattern, and altered to fit me better. What I wasn't expecting was for it to come out pretty much exactly like I would have dreamed. It was surprisingly simple! I guess I was just scaring myself into thinking it would be far more difficult! :o

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Mohmoh Lovely Belle!

Stjarna Although Mulan will always be my Disney hero, I really like your Belle dress. It looks wonderful and the photo really shows the Disney atmosophere we all love.