Megurine Luka

Vocaloid 3



The dress is my Dont Say Lazy dress from Mio from K-ON. It's made of black satin with a interfaced bow on the back.

I made some fingerless gloves from slubbed black satin and trimmed it with lace scraps. The headband was painted with white acrylic then had black cording and lace glued to it.

The butterfly piece was removable. It was made of round candy tins painted black with scrapbooking rhinestones stuck to it that matched my Kaito's. While my partners used foam for their wings, I made mine with clear plastic folders with a sharpied-on design.

The waistband is white polyester with matching black lace sewn to it. It closed in the back with snaps that could be set to 2 different sizes.


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Series Vocaloid 3
Character Megurine Luka
Variant Magnet OT3


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