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My nickname, (Cosplay) Maakie/Maki means (cosplaying) lemur in Dutch. As a joke for that I have always been using a lemur as icon on almost every website and game were I'm active. Since a short while I also have a personally made for me lemur icon, which can be seen here:

I already had the idea that I should do a lemur outfit or personification costume for a long time, but only recently I came up with this.

This costume is an altered kigurumi which I will wear together with partially another costume (get it? a lemur in cosplay?)

So far, the following combinations have been worn:
- Chi-Chi Ma(a)ki(e)
- Smileys Ma(a)ki(e)
- Mathilda Ma(a)ki(e)
- Ink Ma(a)ki(e)
- Lilith Ma(a)ki(e)

~ This is a joke outfit for lazy days at cons and shouldn't be taken seriously ~


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