Serah Farron

Final Fantasy XIII



The duster is made of costume sheer and features rolled hems and French seams so that there are no raw edges.

The shirt is made of white stretch poplin to give it a woven dress-shirt look, but still have a stretchy comfort and mobility. The edges were zig-zagged to prevent fraying. The front panels were made using a layer of the costume sheer that matches the duster. The trim is white bias tape to match the trim on the cg render. The collar has a layer of interfacing sandwiched in between two layers of poplin to give it stability while remaining comfy. The buttonholes were done by machine, though the black plastic buttons were sewn on by hand.

The duster pattern was hand-drafted by me. The shirt was loosely patterned off of an existing dress shirt and altered significantly by me. I also drafted the pattern for the shirt collar.

I am very proud of how this turned out, especially the attention to detail. I couldn't get the bias tape around the buttons to lie as flat as I had desired, though I am pleased with the overall product.

The band is made of a dark chocolate colored fleece-backed vinyl and closes with velcro for comfort and easy adjustment. The pieces were glued together to keep them from slipping and to avoid pin marks, then they were machine sewn along the edges. The buttons were hand-sewn on.

This tutorial was invaluable for help and reference images: though my way of construction was quite different.


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Serah Farron
Variant shirts + armband


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