Final Fantasy X



I really took my time making this cosplay because this is a character I truly love and have seen too many times being butchered.
It took a total of about 10 months, but again really taking my time with it. I also decided to make all the belts myself so nothing looked out of place. the whole corset piece was hand sewn on an existing basic black corset. the trim was all made by stencilling and using acrylic paint, then outlining all the motifs to clean it up nicely. I look forward to hearing feedback :)


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Created 8 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu
Variant artbook


cakie_chu thank you so much~! It means a lot to me when a fans of the series recognize the work I put into this :)

Diana_Sakura you are my Lulu idol! haha! ^_^ 10 months to make this awesome cosplay?! You are amazing!