Agnes Joubert

Tiger & Bunny



Worn For: Anime USA 2011 (Saturday), Anime Boston 2012 (Saturday)

Meet Agnes Joubert. She is a TV producer with kind of questionable moral ethics who specializes in kicking ass, taking names, and saving the day at the 11th hour with her incredible amounts of awesome. She. Is. A. Badass. :D I adore her and she is lots of fun to run around as, though I cannot actually run, because I'm wearing heals and I would die.

The clothes and shoes are all from Goodwill; the original skirt got killed by laundering, but then I got super lucky and found new one that was even better! The wig is from Arda. I bought it at Dragon*Con- when I saw it, I knew it was ~*the one*~. :) My friend Eri does the make-up for this cosplay,and it seriously brings the whole thing together. I really love how this costume came out, and it was a lot of fun to wear with my Tiger & Bunny group. The shoes stain my feet purple, but I do not care because I AM AGNES JOUBERT, HBIC. :D


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Character Agnes Joubert


kadishu Awesome sauce

OldestAngel YOU ARE AMAZING. :D You make a great Agnes~