Sui-Oh/Hou-Oh the Phoenix

Pet Shop of Horrors



The Phoenix is one of many of Count D's pets whom I really liked the story of and design~ I had a lot of fun making this outfit though I put in some of my own original elements considering that the only reference pictures came from the manga and I had to pick out a color scheme that I thought would go best with the Phoenix. Reds, golds and a bit of green though one of the hardest parts was picking out the fabric and choosing what would go where.

I was also happy to get the chance to use more lightweight sheer materials on this outfit like chiffon. I don't have a serger though so I ended up using embroidery thread and using the zigzag stitch to create a finished edge instead~

There was a lot of layers to this outfit x.x;;. Two skirts, an undershirt for the giant sleeves and the longer tunic type garment. Lots of trim. I additionally made a chiffon red train as well as a red one that I painted to look like the tail of the phoenix though I don't have pics of this yet.. x.x;;.

I also made my own earrings as well as the two necklaces to go along with this.

The wig was the hardest part by far..I've only ever done simple styling so it was quite the challenge for me. But I started out wefting a short base wig to be very thick, dividing it into pigtails and using adhesive caulk to make the stubs as so was advised in a tutorials I came across. Then I made the loops from quilting batting, wire, black wefts and fabric glue to keep them in place putting cut up and glued toilet paper rolls on the ends so they would connect to the stubs..Yep, toilet paper rolls XDDD~ It worked!!

Fixed the wig to be much easier to wear~ ^^

Also the headdress which I made from a headband, craftfoam, flowers, and necklace chains.

Twas hard to pull off but I was glad to do something new and different~ X3


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Character Sui-Oh/Hou-Oh the Phoenix


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