After making Ditto almost an entire year ago, I finally finished my Duplica costume! She is easily one of my favorite trainers from the first (AND BEST) season of Pokemon, and she definitely needed some cosplay love!

The wig is a Teal Lulu and 2 Curly-pony tail clips from Arda Wigs. I straightened and poofed the heck outta the clips, and then made super cute poofy anime bangs for the base wig. I really love how it turned out. :)

Ditto is made from super soft fleece and stuffing! He's squishable and can stand up on his own, I love it!


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Series Pokémon
Character Duplica


Envel Oh my goodness you, the wig, the outfit, and the Ditto are TOO cute! You look so precious, and holy crap do I want to steal your Ditto and keep it all to myself!