Daenerys Targaryen

A Song of Ice and Fire



I bought a dress similar to Dany's wedding dress in the TV series and altered it. I made her arm bands out of elastic, silver bells, silver trim, and lavender chiffon fabric. This costume was very comfortable and flowy! I love it. I need to finish her dragon brooch in the middle of the dress, however.

My favorite part of this was the dragon egg. It is made out of craft foam sheets cut into scales, superglued onto an egg-shaped ball of paper mache' and then painted with brown, sepia, and metallic green acrylic paints and finished with 3 coats of clossy acrylic top coat.

The wig could've been a bit better! I actually sewed in the bangs/fringe on top because the wig showed more forehead than I liked. I could've added in some longer pieces of hair in the front!

I will definitely be wearing this again some time after it's completed. Dragon*Con 2011 was awesome and going as Daenerys Friday night was definitely eventful!


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Series A Song of Ice and Fire
Character Daenerys Targaryen
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