Where's Waldo?



I decided to make my own Where's Waldo costume. I didn't like the one available for purchase, because it didn't sound very comfortable or of the quality that I wanted.

Really, the only parts I made for this were the shirt and the hat. The shirt was made by first creating striped fabric out of strips of stretch cotton interlock. Once I had created enough to cut out the pieces for a simple turtleneck, it was only a matter of piecing them together so that the lines er... lined up. Not too difficult.

The hat was much easier. I crocheted it using cheap acrylic yarn after a hat pattern I'd made a long time ago. The pom-pom was made with more of the same red yarn.

The walking cane was a cheap $3 cane they had for purchase at Party City. The jeans were already mine, and the shoes were purchased at my local Goodwill for $8.

Finally, the satchel was already mine, and I found a matching backpack at Target. Total cost with materials for the shirt and hat was probably close to $80. Much more than I expected, but still within my budget.

Note: I plan to appear at Dragon*Con 2011 in the halls in this costume. If you find me and stop me for a picture, I'll have a small gift for you!


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