Maya Fey

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



Constructed from the Simplicity kimono pattern with modifications. The jacket is fully lined. The obi is reinforced with sew-in interfacing and strips of fusible interfacing a la boning. The white under-kimono-thing is scrap fabric from an old set of sheets. The purple and maroon is plain cotton. The balls are ping pong balls and the magatama was sculpted, molded and cast in resin.

I made the odango with a Styrofoam egg and wefts. It is pinned into the wig. The front pieces are hand made wefts sewn onto hair clips and clipped into the wig so the wig can be used for other things.

I've wanted to do Maya for a very long time, so I am extra excited I got the chance to do her with such a huge PW group! We had a great time, all the better since I just started law school! OBJECTION!!!


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Series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Character Maya Fey


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