Ghoulia Yelps

Monster High



Tried to be a stickler on details on this one...
The only thing I didn't make/mod is the striped shirt.
This took me several months to do, what with working a full time job. I'll just list here the pieces I have been asked the most about: the wig is actually two wigs woven together with a "bump it"/ volumizer piece in there, the headband really held it on my head, the glasses are covered in air-dry clay and paint, the top I had to make my own cherry pattern with iron on because none of the fabric I could find was good enough, the pin is actually one of the erasers I made into a pin, the belt buckle is made of clay I shaped myself and covered with silver paint, the bag is actually a post office mailer box covered in duct tape and a shaped cover, and a highly zoomed up/photo-shopped picture of the real doll's bag, and the boots...are a pair of ankle chuck high top pumps sewn to the legs of a pair of chuck knee-high flats, then an extender tongue of white jeans fabric and an iron on of the Monster High symbol.


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Character Ghoulia Yelps


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