Haruno Sakura




This is one of my first Sakura Cosplays that I got back in 2010.

The wig from purchased from cosplaywig on eBay. They sell really great quality wigs and would recommend them. Though, the wigs are high quality, I recommend being cautious when purchasing, as they don't always send you the right wig.

The black shoes were given to me for Christmas, but you can buy them on eBay, amazon, or any other Cosplay sites.

The blue shoes were purchased off amazon for about $10. Wasn't anything too bad.

The headband was bought off amazon. It was about $9, and it's pretty sturdy.

The dress was bought off eBay as well, and was altered by my grandma, since the circle wasn't on the back, and the zipper on the side kept breaking.

It was a lot of fun to wear at ALA, and I look forward to Cosplaying Sakura again!


My other dress (with the sleeves) was given to me by KaLou, as she didn't want her Naruto Cosplays anymore. I wear the same accessories with the dress that I do with my sleeveless one.


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Series Naruto
Character Haruno Sakura
Variant Genin


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