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I am working on an ironman costume using Pepakura (translation: Paper craft), basicly its cutting and folding printed paper templates out and sticking them together and ending up with your design :)
I will then be covering it in Fiberglass cloth and resin to make the suit hard and durable (like plastic)
Then it will be covered in car body filler and sanded till smooth and a better shape.
It will then be spray painted and have the finishing touches added :)

Please ask for more details please feel free to ask

So far I have the helmet Ready for Fiberglassing after 10-15 hours of paper work :S haha


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Created 7 years ago
Series Mavel Comics
Character Ironman
Variant Movie Suit Mk IV


aznm0nk3y Coming together REAL nice. Keep up the great work bro.

The_Wolverine well done. this is gonna look way past awesome.