John Egbert




This was a "thrown-together-at-the-last-minute" type of cosplay that I had never really expected myself to wear at a con.

I found the pants at a Wal-mart (thank god they had pockets) and I took a medium blue shirt from Michael's and painted on the "breath" symbol (again, no stencil). The colour is off, so I'll fix that when I get a chance.

The hood was done by one of those hand-held sewing devices. My friend made it for my John cosplay back in October, but before A-Kon, I modified it so it was more tightly stitched and fell better over my head.

The wig had a lot of TLC from my friend Momo (Thegirlinred93) and I re-styled it right before leaving for A-Kon.

Didn't get a chance to paint the shoes (or get accurate ones for that matter).

But this got a good response from people at A-Kon, so I really liked wearing it!


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Series Homestuck
Character John Egbert
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iHateDuckButt Pretty nice man! Hahaha.<3