Blair V.2.1

Soul Eater

Bought thigh high boots at a fashion store I worked at briefly for $15. I then made the boot twirl out of styrofoam and covered that in leather. I proceeded to firmly attach it to the boot. I only how that it stays on well during con madness D:*

*ACTUALLY I redid the shoe yet again. This time I simply cut out a few strips of Wonderflex and shaped it onto the shoe. The Wonderflex attached without any glue being needed. I put shoe polish on it to paint it.

I have refitted the old dress to make it more form fitting. I am in the process of sewing on the white triangles.

I deconstructed a hoop skirt and made it into a pettiskirt to get the accurate bell shape for Blair.

I will be using the old hat (Well that is my plan as of yet) If I have left over Wonderflex I would like to make a better one.. Same goes for her brooch.

Yet to start on the arm warmers, but I do have the fabric.

Completely destroyed the old wig, I am using it to make cat ears for Blair and a practice hair twirl. I have picked out my next wig and will order it in a couple of weeks.
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Series Soul Eater
Character Blair V.2.1

Kiichigo Best Blair I've seen :)