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Doctor Who



Okay, it's about darn time I finally got to making a costume from this amazing series! Plus, I can double up and use everything in my day-to-day wardrobe, so double score. :) (And a HUGE shout-out to moonflower for her extensive research involving Amy's costumes!~)

[x]Sweatshirt: official red sweatshirt from American Apparel.

[x]Tights: found at Target

[x]Shoes: I need a new pair of chucks for work, so time to double up and get some in navy blue this time around. (lucky I'm allowed red, blue, or black ;P)

[x]Wig: ordered from ebay.

[x]Gold watch

[x]Skirt: found the perfect skirt via ebay


[x]Sonic Screwdriver. (Yeah, I know it's the Doctor's, but I've been dying to carry around my Sonic :P)

[]Tardis Plush


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Series Doctor Who
Character Amy Pond
Variant Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone


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