Code Geass



My first costume! Took some new pics of it :) I got the wig and materials for this cosplay towards the end of 2009. Had to use a store bought skirt because the skirt that was sewed ripped a long time ago (and was a bit too long anyway). Didn't make much changes to the costume again.


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Last Updated 4 years ago
Created 6 years ago
Series Code Geass
Character C.C.
Variant Ashford Academy


AlaizabelCray You know how to pick some really great poses! I'm not familiar with Code Geass but you look amazing!

AkiJudaichan Your CC looks great. :)

Naudae Love your C.C.!!! You look absolutely fantastic! Seriously, you do!

FieryFari Thanks everybody :) !

Thowra EPIC!!!!!. You totally pulled it off. Love all the little details you added. :)

Randommerade I love Code Geass! You've definitely pulled C.C. off. I love the location of the photos as well :)

momoiru1994 it looks great on u ^^

Maurishio-kun You make a great C.C. :D Also green wig looks good on you ^^