GLaDOS has always been a favorite character of mine ever since i first played the game Portal, so this cosplay was a dream of mine a long time in coming! the entire costume is my own design, based on GLaDOS as she appears in Portal 2.

the face plate of the headpiece was carved from styrofoam, covered in wonderflex and epoxy, sanded (sooo much sanding), and spray painted. the rest of the smaller parts onthe headpiece were made either out of craft foam or paper mache. they are all held together with a headband. the cord hair is a combination of cyberlox (crinoline tubes) and actual cords and is just connected to hair ties that wrap around my actual hair, which was put in a bun. LEDs were added that run from my headpiece down to my hip.


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Created 7 years ago
Series Portal
Character GLaDOS
Variant Portal 2 - original design


LadyCrankypants This GLaDOS is SUPER CUTE! I love your "face" mask and the amazing spring/wire "wig" - and the companion cube is so sweet :) Awesome work!

pinoycosplay This is awesome! You deserve some love for this cosplay. Nice work on the faceplate ans companion cube. :-)