_Jun_ as Takuya Kanbara

Takuya Kanbara

Digimon Frontier

Cosplayer: _Jun_
The main character of Digimon Frontier, which is probably the first Digimon series that wasn't very popular. Understandable since it changed the mechanics of the series so much by having Spirit Users.

Anyways, this was a simple enough cosplay. I initially got the yellow shirt made just for fun, but decided with only a little more effort I could make the whole outfit.

The red shirt just had the black strips sewed on. The shorts were unchanged. The hat took a while to find in a good colour and without that annoying opening in the back that most baseball caps had. From there I just got the "Takuya symbol" printed from a printing place.

The goggles took some work. I bought swimming goggles from a dollar store and took out the lenses. I then painted the rims white and the lens black before putting them back together. Grey cloth was put through the already-made slots to make a headband.

The shoes are actually the ones I wore as Davis. Since they're really close to Takuya's (no one noticed), I just didn't bother to make new ones.

The gloves I couldn't find, so I ended up getting someone to sew them for me from the right colour fabric.

So the toughest thing was the Spirit Ring on his hand, which was that little extra I wanted to add to the outfit (since it otherwise felt like a step back from Davis in difficulty). I toyed around with a LOT of ideas for this one, including at one point light-up shoelaces (which turned out to not be bright enough to be seen except way after sunset). In the end they were made from a translucent pencil case and made to "float" with this flexible plastic that an old anime DVD came in many years ago. I then cut holes into the gloves and glued to plastic strips to each other to hold them and therefore the ring up. Was it as awesome as I wanted? Unfortunately not. But I was still relatively happy with it. Oh and it broke at the end of Saturday >