Final Fantasy X-2



The top was completely made out of a satin fabric. The fabric on the side was completely cut with a soldering tool. This way I didn't need to sew around the edges which in my eyes wouldn't look any good. The sleeves where made out of organza and are also cut with a soldering tool, after that I sewn on the black ribbons on top of the sleeves. The skirt was made out of a lace fabric. Also I made totally rebuild the shoes, fabric was imitation leather. It was my first time making permanent shoe-covers. That was one of the most ignoying parts of the entire costume.
The beads from the hair are sewn in on the lowest part of the wigcap from the wig itself.


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Lenne


AmyMizuki @msraedelarge ; Thank you :)!

msraedelarge Great job with this cosplay!