huggableshinobi as Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Angel Hughes

Cosplayer: huggableshinobi
So I love Hughes. He's my spirit animal, for serial. XD

I wanted to make a new Hughes cosplay, but considering his casual wear is just normal clothes and I'm currently working on a new uniform, I just couldn't do my regular thing. So I made the one thing I knew would kill everyone. I made dead Hughes.

In all honesty, reactions were mixed, lol. I got a lot of people hugging me crying cause, you know. I also got a lot of hate because of "spoilers", but honestly? FMA has been out for 10 years now, Brotherhood being out for 5. If you haven't seen it/read it by now, tough luck.

Anyway, I did everything like I would have making the normal uniform, going for a white with gold trim instead of white with silver like I had planned (Thank you to my Roy for this idea!) I took her idea for the wings as well and covered the basic shape with feathers, gluing it to the back. Halo? Naw, he doesn't need one. o3o I love this outfit, and it IS coming back!