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Well I'm not a big fan of harem anime or vampire romance but for some reason I fell in love with Rosario + Vampire and had to crossplay Mizore. She's my favorite for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that she's so stylish. Anywho, I've wanted to attend the SFCBF for years now and this year I finally got to go for the first time: the first year they didn't have Cosplay Day as part of the event. I cosplayed anyway. So did a lot of people. I was surprised by how many people approached me to say how much they love Mizore. I didn't know she was such a popular character.

Can't sew worth beans so I ordered the costume (and shoes) from Cosplay House. It was the most expensive Mizore costume I've ever seen but it came with stockings that looked perfect. Ironically the stockings are my least favorite part because they are way too big. They slouch and often take the thigh belt with them which sucks because the leg belt was connected to a belt on my waist so when the leg part of it fell below my knee, it would essentially trip me. The top had two parts two it. Instead of having straps, it came with a doofy nylon tank top that hung so loose the straps would constantly fall off. Instead of having my bra straps show and constantly fighting to keep my cosplay straps up, I bought a good sports bra and used that for the black straps. The shoes are the first pair of cosplay shoes I've ever purchased and they are probably the comfiest shoes I own. They scuff like a beast though. The necklace wasn't very much fun to try and make. I tried to make an accurate bead out of yellow Sculpey but it looked awful so I tried spray painting it gold which went the opposite of well and after weeks of trying I got so irked I went to Legendary Beads, bought the closest thing I could find, and made a necklace out of that. It's way too small but whatever. I'll try making a better necklace before I rewear this. The wig is from eBay. It looked perfect in the pictures but when it arrived, it was way too thick in front and not nearly thick enough in back. I held my bangs in place with purple bobby pins so they wouldn't show. I bought a whole bag of Dum-Dums along with a few gourmet lollipops that had the right look. Best props ever. I might makes an ice claw or two in the future. We'll see.

EDIT: Reworn to Santa Rosa Toy Con. I forgot my necklace and didn't finish my ice claw in time. Wore less accurate stockings that actually stay up.


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