The Secret World of Arrietty



I always loved Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki's movie. They're so resfreshing and always give that weird nostalgic feeling that makes you want to see more. When I saw Karigurashi no Arrietty, I fell in love with the movie, and especially the soundtrack. I thought it would be a fun costume to do, and I wanted to join in on all the Miyazaki love!

The dress was made with red stretch fabric and the boots were bought on ebay and altered.
I had a hard time with the bag, as I had to start over two times because I wasn't satisfied with the shape. In the end, I made the shape with batting, that I stuffed with plush, and then covered it with stretch beige fabric.

The wig is a Matilda in Dark Copper Red from Arda Wigs. I also added a pack of extension and teased the ponytail to make it fuller. I made the clothes' pin in her hair using Jia Jem's Paperclay armor tutorial. I always wanted to try this technique and I'm really happy with the results. I recommended it for solid smooth surface accessories. And you can make almost any shapes!

The cord was bought and dyed, and the hook was made with Worbla. The belt and the green thingy holding the cord were made with leather by FullmetalSam. The needle was made with a wood dowel and a styrofoam ball


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Series The Secret World of Arrietty
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