Petronella Osgood

Doctor Who



I wanted a comfortable Sunday costume to wear while working at Chicago TARDIS, so I decided on Osgood’s introductory outfit from The Day of the Doctor. The entire costume was assembled the day before we left for the con. (Well, except for the the scarf, which I’d knitted previously.) I managed to find everything I needed at two thrift stores, and the only major customizations I had to do were dyeing the trousers green and modifying the glasses.

I’d searched unsuccessfully online and in stores for glasses frames the correct shape, so I did what I always resort to in these situations: Recycling! I picked up a pair of cheap promotional sunglasses at Goodwill for half price (49 cents, yo!), popped the lenses out, and spray painted the frames black. Voila -- easy nerd glasses.

People asked me all day which one I was. I refused to say.


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Series Doctor Who
Character Petronella Osgood
Variant The Day of the Doctor


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