March 26th, 2011 - My first real cosplay ! The really first one wasn't good enough to call it a cosplay ^^ So this year, I decided to make a Timcanpy cosplay. It will allowed me to be more creative, and could help me spend less money ^^ So today, I searched for models. In the end it will be more or less personnal, but I needed something I could based myself on it.

March 27th - The adventure began really today xD I began with the gloves, because I could'nt go to buy the yellow fabric I need yet. So I took white socks, cut it, and I'm actually sewing it. After what, I'll put golden crosses on.

April 17th - The first wing is finished! Finally! It took me two hours, may be three, I think. It was a hassle to make… I used a tutorial of Emilie Autumn, where she used wire and tights. It looked so easy!
First, the wire. I took two hangers. Ouch! What’s a hassle to untwist them! My poor fingers… xD And then, the tights. Mines had feet, so I had to cut them at the ends. And obviously, they run… But finally, sewing it on the edge, I arrived to something quite good. Not perfect, but quite pretty, isn’t it?

April 18th - That's done! Wings are finished. I may do some little changes, but for now I consider it as finished ^^


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Timcanpy
Variant Humanoïd


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