dedy as Syaoran Li

Syaoran Li

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Illustration chapter 125

Cosplayer: dedy
My partner and me decided to do these cosplays as a personal challenge, we wanted to do cloth-cosplays after finshing “legend of dragoon cosplays” (photoshoot date unknown ^^U) to change the armor style of our cosplays.
This cosplay has a problem similar to Sakura’s dress: In the illustration, you can't see the front of the body, so you have to design it by your own. I made some sketches to choose my favourite one.

Mask is made with forex and LaDoll, we need to do it light because most of the skin glues are not strong enough to support a heavy piece. The chains are stuck with silicone and invisible cord.

Claws were made with forex that I had to carve with a penknife and sand them with nail lime (other lime tipe sand the forex too much). To join them I did small holes and use metallic thread to avoid possible thread break when I move the fingers. We did the gloves with a similar texture to give my hands a metallic effect.
Shoulder pads prickles were made with foamy and stuffing inside it. When the shape was decided and built we sealed them with contact adhesive. Side Shoulder pad was made using the same method, we tried to do it with several materials like glass fiber and forex but we finally decided to use foam because we wanted that shoulder pads were light. After doing the prickles I did an aluminum structure joined to my body with an harness that I wear under all the clothes. We had to drill the clothes to introduce the nails to join it (body and cape). After finishing the structure we stuck the prickles to the structure and fill the spaces between them with LaDoll.
The body and the trousers are made with black bridal satin. Gold tribals are made with lycra which I have to cut with the final form and then stick it in the satin. I put gold cotton cord all around the tribals to made it in reliefe. Frills were made with gauze.
The cape is made in iridiscent tafetan. I design it big because in the illustration Syaoran is crouch down and the cape cover all the floor. I observed that the cape was divided in two pieces: the first piece is a shorter cape with two straight edges and the second piece is the rest of the cape including the pieces that are joined to the claws. In the smaller cape I used wire to maintain the shape straight.

The boots where made sticking some pieces of forex and epoxy. Many people prefer use cloth boots for this cosplay but I wanted to give it a personal touch doing the boots like armor piece similar to the shoulder pads.
To paint the armor pieces we used spray. Usually we paint our armors with paintbrush because we prefer the finish that brush gives to armor pieces but we were short of time and this way was faster.
Finally, the sword was a personal design too; we did it with stone cardboard and LaDoll.