Callesto as Babydoll


Sucker Punch

Bling Bling!Sparkle

Cosplayer: Callesto
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Babydoll from Sucker Punch, bling/sparkle/gem version at the end of the movie. This is one of my favorite costume designs, had to make it as soon as I saw it!

Costume was 100% made by me.
Top and skirt patterns were first drafted from scratch. Every seam, minus the sleeves, is completed with a serged french seam. 100% silk fabric was used, everything is lined minus the back to copy the sheer look in the film.
Scarf is made of a sort of knit fabric picked up in the clearance section at Joanns. Black trim is hand-made bias tape from silk dupioni. 2000+ gems are both hand-sewn and hand-glued on.

Shoes were cut in a mary jane style, hand painted navy blue, and finished with a light coat of glitter spray paint.

Weapons: I wanted a gun prop pretty bad so even though Babydoll doesn't have her weapons in this reality point in the movie I still went ahead with making them ...and also covered them with a bunch of bling.
Certain colors on the sword, sheath, strap, and gun charms were altered to better fit this version of her costume.

Air-soft gun was bought on Amazon and spray painted in several layers with two different silver colors as I couldn't find a successful chrome color. Babydoll gun decal was made by a squirrel with epilepsy. I hand made my gun charms out of sculpey and even covered them with a bunch of gems.
Sword was something I had bought a couple years ago for my friend's Jin cosplay but it never arrived on time for the convention so it had been in the shipping box ever since. I spray painted the blade and hand painted the sheath. My sword decal was hand made by me from scans of the Sucker Punch artbook, cleaned up and set together in photoshop, and printed out.

Selling this costume at my shop: