Lelouch Lamperouge

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion



Piece of work, I tell you. °___°

Developing the pattern for the coat as well as the TOTALLY insane collar made me almost go insane. =_= I opted to make the coat like Suzakus (i.e. swallowtails) since you can't see much of Lelouchs outfit on the artwork.

I used two different kinds of buttons (20 in total) because I'm cheap like that and nobody noticed the differences anyway. |D The buttons look pretty much the same, except that some are smaller than the others. Both are actually supposed to be eyes for teddy bears. xD Well, I sewed the buttons on with pieces of cord, which was a real b*tch to do.
My hands and fingers were really sore after that. :/
I also had to smear a lot of glue on the end of the cords, so they wouldn't fray.

The red designs are painted on. I really wasn't satisfied with them at first, since the fabric didn't really agree with the paint. ): I was sad at how utterly cheap it looked, but after I added some shades with a different color of red it doesn't look so bad anymore. I actually like it now. (Perhaps it was the bad lighting in my room. xP)

The staff is still missing since I didn't have enough time before the convention. I didn't think Lelouch would suit me, but it isn't as bad as I imagined and I have some really pretty pics with my group. All in all I have to say I like this cosplay. :)


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