haru5319 as Zuko


Avatar: The Last Airbender

book 3, fire nation

Cosplayer: haru5319
I wore my new Zuko cosplay to San Japan which I must say was a blast!!! This cosplay was a lot of fun to wear and derp around in ^^ Not to mention the con being really wonderful! I have to say that some of my con experienced have not been the most pleasant but San Japan was different. I got to meet so many nice people, and the con staff really was amazing! They were nice when they requested you to move, or give you information. During the cosplay contest they ran back and forth getting water and anything else any of the cosplayers needed! Seriously man I was ubber impressed by the staff, and believe that it was because of their hard work that I had such a memorable con experience!!!

I got actually had a bunch of people confused on my gender which made me happy~
One girl seriously thought I was a guy and freaked out when I took a picture with her!

The scar was an interesting process, it is made from tissue paper and Elmer’s glue, along with various eye shadows and eyeliners. If you want a more indep explanation of the scar process just send me a note or leave a message I would be happy to help!!!

The best thing about this costume was that I had an excuse to do some fire bending. I do not have the pictures yet but our Toph’s uncle is a professional pyrotechnics (fire breather person of epicness) that I actually got to BE a FIRE BENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Otakuspace.com for the wonderful pictures!!!! You made our day~