Lin Beifong

The Legend of Korra

Worn For: New York Comic Con 2012 (Saturday)

"That lady is my hero." I loved Lin Beifong from the moment she appeared on my TV screen in episode one of The Legend of Korra, but I never expected that love to grow the way it did. This lady is one of the best ladies I have ever seen on my TV; I adore her. When Lin made her sacrifice in "Turning the Tides" I knew she was the one I would be cosplaying.

I'm very lucky to have a friend in Rachel Bishop who spent tireless hours on this costume, from things like making a duct-tape cast of my body, to sewing, to the architecture of Lin's armor. I can't thank her enough for basically making a dream come true for me. This was a huge undertaking and everyone should go and tell her she is amazing.

I'm proud to say I had some new experiences when it came to this costume as well! I dyed a wig for the first time which was completely terrifying, but the results were perfection. I get some major pride every time someone tells me how perfect the wig is. I also did trauma make-up for the first time, making Lin's facial scars. Another scary thing since I can hardly manage normal make-up! But I am so thrilled to cosplay Lin and so proud and excited. This lady, you guys. She's my hero.

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Series The Legend of Korra
Character Lin Beifong

Lara_Amelia I know your armor was made by someone else but I'm curious if you know what it was made out of or how?

natile perfect! badass!