Grey Fox

Metal Gear



The MGS1 videogame version of Grey Fox a.k.a the Cyborg Ninja. It took me close to 6 months to finish the helmet and 1 month (4 weekends for the rest of the suit)
Video of the costume in action here:


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Last Updated 6 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Metal Gear
Character Grey Fox


Alpha Proto I had to favorite this cosplay. It was the only reasonable thing to do.

DrTights friggin awesome!!

shoelace This is an awesome build, everything looks so professional and smooth. I'm about to start experimenting with pepakura and seriously, this is totally inspiring.

Diegator Yes. Now, whether it's motorized or not, will be another story.

W4RH0US3 Are you planning on making the visor slide?

Diegator Made it myself. I took a picture of my head with a ruler, imported it to AutoCAD, scaled it useing the ruler, traced over it, exported it to Inventor and modeled it as a 3D solid (I was thinking of CNC milling the molds at the time). Then I exported an STL file (lots of polys) and painstakingly unfolded in pepakura designer.

ArkAngel That's awesome! can i ask where did you get the pepakura file for the helmet?