Final Fantasy 10



Budget Cost: 41$
Knit interlock: 6$- 1 yard
rodeo knit: 12$- 2 yards
canvas: 6$
paints: 1$
embroidery floss: 55 cents
wooden beads: 2$
dowels: 32 cents
RIT dye: 3$
Gems: 8$
foam: 2$
(cotton knit)

The X shape was achieved by hand sewing the corners to the bra. The bra was redesigned to be a halter top and is hidden underneath the wrap.

(cotton knit)

Made the pattern from scratch. The ribbon is excess from skirt. I used liquid RIT dye in Fushia for
the gradient.

+I used this method for the gradient dye:

(rodeo cotton)

+I used this method for the pleats:

+I used this method for the stencil:

The designs were hand painted with acrylic paint. They were transferred on with chalk and painted before doing the pleats.

I chose rodeo cotton because the fabric wouldn't absorb the paint like a polyester blend fabric. The dress closes with velcro and the slit closes halfway with a hook n' eye.


I pre-sewed the bow together so I wouldn’t have to fuss with it. I sewed a panel of watercolor paper inside the obi, to hold the weight of the bow and prevent it from pulling the obi down. The center loop of the bow was also interfaced with watercolor paper. The obi closes in the back with velcro.

+I used this method for the stencil:

The designs were hand painted with acrylic paint.

+The hibiscus was made out of leftover upholstery leather, stiffened with wood glue and painted.

+The beads are wooden dowels and sphere beads. I drilled holes in them and connected them with cue tip ends, wood screws and Gorilla glue. I used mod podge, acrylic paint and a semi-gloss spray paint to seal them. I used embroidery floss for the tassels.

Also made from wooden dowels and beads. I used embroidery floss for the tassel.

The necklace measures 1" across. I drew the base of the necklace on foam board. I removed the paper backing and covered the cutout with Spackling Paste. The buds are beads and the hibiscus was made from Crayloa Clay.

Made from EVA foam. I used a thin sheet of craft foam for the other side, since one side of the EVA foam was different. I used a wood shaping iron to take down the uneven edges and shape the wings and indents.

I cut out individual pieces of the design and layered them to give a 3D effect. I drilled a hole into the base of the staff and attached a small wooden dowel inside and connected it to the stick with Gorilla glue.

+The entire staff was coated in a brass spray paint. I used a black acrylic wash to weather the staff. I went over the final paint job with 2 coats of mod podge.

+The detailing on the bottom of the staff is PVC pipe. I bought the gems at Micheal's and painted them with a mixture of silver and green paint. The beads are wooden dowels.

Was a gift from friend. Bought from PinkyParadise.

I bought Eowyn in Coffee (or Spanish Brown) from Arda Wigs Silky line. I cut it with sheers and regular scissors. I wanted the Ewoyn because of the full skin top.

Difficulty: 5/5


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Series Final Fantasy 10
Character Yuna
Variant summoner


Gummibar Mao Melissa: Thanks! The way I did the staff was a little unconventional...I just used what I had available because I didn't want to go over budget (I am not good with props.) There are way better ways to approach, then what I did. The plus side is it won't break and it can get wet, which is nice in the long run.

Mao_Melissa Your Yuna costume is beautiful! I will have to try your method for making nirvana out of EVA foam.

Gummibar Thanks ShudoRanmaru! While I feel there are a lot of amazing looking Yuna's, I've a lot favorites, but I am flattered non the less. :)

ShudoRanmaru Easily one of the best Yuna's I've ever seen! Just so gorgeous!

Gummibar Thank you Athel and Cosmic Destiny!

Athel You make a wonderful Yuna. ^^

Gummibar Thank you!

Relterra Beautiful Yuna!