Izumi Curtis

Fullmetal Alchemist



One of the highlights of this costume was several people actually asking if the dreadlocks were real. I'll take that as a complement towards my wig styling skills!


Pants: Black leggings (already owned)
Sandals: Khaki bedroom slippers and beige lycra (with Sharpie drawn logo)
Top: White cotton poplin (pattern drafted by me)
Travel Jacket: Dark purple linen (self-modified McCalls pattern)
Wig: Normally I don't talk about wig styling in detail... but this one was very involved and definitely the costume's defining characteristic. I pulled the front half of a pirate dreadlocks wig into a ponytail. I then cut dreads from the back and sewed them around the wig edge, pulling them up into the ponytail to cover any exposed netting. To get the messy dreads look, I threaded gunmetal wire through the ones around my face and the exterior of the ponytail. This allowed me to shape them and get them to stick up or out (wherever I needed them) without hairspray.

Make-up was also done by me.


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Izumi Curtis


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