Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn



I am a huge FE fan! So yep~ Here is my Micaiah cosplay~

This cosplay was not that hard yay :D
_ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ __ ___ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ _
Dress: Made out of Casmocio stretch velvet fabric

Pants: Store bought

Gloves: These took all night to make!!! THEY ARE EVIL!!!

Bracelet: Made from foams. Added jewels.

Belt: Made from Foams and Felt

Scarf: Just a loooong piece of blue fabric

Boots: THE HARDEST THING IN THIS COSPLAY!!! D: I don't have brown boots so I had to make them. I used pumps as base and then made a sort of boot cover sock thing LOL

Yune: store bought

Tome: Store bought

Total: about 20 dollars
:D most of the materials were free or found in garage :)

I LOVE THIS COSPLAY!! It's very comfortable yay~!!


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Series Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Character Micaiah


Thearah IDIDN'TKNOYOUDIDMICAIAH! OHMYGOSH. I must make something to match you! Looks great~