Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



okay. so Joann's didn't have wide ribbed fabric. just the thin ribs. so i gave in and bought white. And I bought RIT liquid fabric dye.
So I bought evening blue,which on the container looks pretty medium blue, perfect for Rinoa's in game look. Which is what I wanted, I hate that pale blue crap haha. So we color the fabric anddddd it's way too dark.
we had to bleach and oxy clean wash it a few times.
it came out okay.
then my sewing machine quit working.
so I hand sewed it all the night before I wore it (the button fell off before the photoshoot too.)
oh, and I can't draw. so the wings turned out crap and I painted over them with a blue paint and the paint dried slightly darker than the fabric so you can totally see paint around where i SEWED fabric white wings on.

but somehow through all the hell I went through with this costume, it's still my favorite and people still tell me I look exactly like her... hahaha. <3


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Rinoa Heartilly


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