Captain Jack Sparrow (Steampunk)

Pirates of the Caribbean

@Purified Ace


To my knowledge, I am officially the first to do a steampunk Jack Sparrow ever. This pleases me. A LOT.

I have even given Jack a new storyline...he's either just a time traveller, or he's always been a Time Lord...just turned human by his Chameleon Arc. I think this would make one heck of a genre cross mash up.


@Purified Ace
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Series Pirates of the Caribbean
Character Captain Jack Sparrow (Steampunk)
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AmiArsenic It's official.... I love you. XD

Gazizaty Wow! You pulled it off nicely, kudos! I love seeing Jack in Steampunk style ^^

mikazuki I love the creativity of this costume! What a refreshing Capt. Jack Sparrow costume!