Eikoseisui as Linda


Okage: Shadow King

Cosplayer: Eikoseisui
I've been wanting to cosplay Linda ever since I first played the game in 2003. I ended up cosplaying Ari back then instead. XD; I finally got around to doing this because someone on the Sugoicon forums was planning to do Epros and I knew I had to jump on the opportunity since I've never had anyone to cosplay from Okage with me before.

I'm not a big fan of the wig I have. It's a Halloween wig from Wal-Mart (which actually isn't too bad of quality), but it's too short and too bright. XD The horns were purchased from a Halloween store, but they were too small, so I added air-dry clay to make them taller, then I painted them. The apron and microphone prop were purchased from Joann Fabrics. I made the dress out of pink crepe back satin and lace. The rainbow socks were purchased from Hot Topic, and the shoes were pre-owned.

Update: I will be making the apron in the future so I can actually add lace, and I will get a better wig.