Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games



I decided to do Katniss for Halloween when I realized I had most everything needed for her outfit already. Instead of doing a 'pristine' version, I decided to represent her from near the end of the games--when she was all dirtied up and had several injuries to boot.

The description of Katniss in the book:
1. Dark hair, tied into a braid--several inches burnt off during story.
2. Games' outfit: light green blouse, black zippered jacket (cut off to just beneath her ribs due to burnt fabric), tan pants (all muddied up, with bottom of right leg cut off due to burnt fabric), leather boots with rubber soles, brown belt, mockingjay pin.
3. Weapons and items: bow and arrows (plus quiver) (I did not include the knife, pouch or backpack).
4. Injuries: a hand-sized burn on her right calf. Slight burns on hands. Tracker-jacker sting on right knee. Knife wound above right eyebrow, Bloodied lip, ruptured left eardrum.

It was a lot of fun messing up the clothes. :P

Note: This costume was made well before the Hunger Games movie--before Jennifer Lawrence was signed on, in fact--so the outfit is an interpretation of the book description, not an attempt to replicate the movie costume.


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