Queen Asellus (by Sakizou)

SaGa Frontier




This was one of my most expensive projects yet, and it was made on a really short advise. I started it four weeks before the con and only worked on weekends |D

So, details!

I researched 1780s clothing in order to get the correct shape for this. The miracle was achieved with a bumroll and lots of draped fabric.

I used ten meters of red stretch taffeta, three meters of brown poplin, two meters of embroidered tulle, and about 200 hand-sewn beads pearls, and crystals.

I wore two cheap fabric circle skirts below the dress to give it more volume.

The open parts in the trail were made with a soldering tool, and the horns were made with mostly paper and lots of glue.


Right now there are only con pictures but soon I'll be showing off a photoshoot ♥


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Series SaGa Frontier
Character Queen Asellus (by Sakizou)
Variant Mystic Ending


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