Sucker Punch



If we put all feminist agendas/some plot issues aside, I thought Sucker Punch was a really enjoyable film. Not my favorite, but it tickled my existentialist's interest and I was really intrigued by Babydoll as a character. With my Steam/Disel Punk fancy, this cosplay was pretty much a done deal!

It still has a lot of work to undergo (finishing my sword, fixing my gun, adding darker roots to my wig, weathering the entire costume, etc.), but it's the details that really make this cosplay for me. I spent A LOT of time looking for the right textures/weaves/colors of fabric and probably double that time looking for buttons (the search continues!).

I made everything from scratch and used an altered vintage sailor shirt pattern for the shirt. All the bias tape I made myself because I am that crazy XD. My friend TheRestless sewed all the button holes for me on her machine and GetasPan-Chan and her boyfriend made a stand in sword/scabbard for me to wear around.


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Series Sucker Punch
Character Babydoll
Variant Dream Sequence


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