Muni Metro J-Church




I still have not kicked that habit of cosplaying personified public transit.

This one is a personification of one of San Francisco's Muni Metro lines, which run modern(ish) light rail cars. Regardless of which line they run, the cars all have silver, red, and dark gray livery. The specific route is designated by a colored dot and a letter.
(I'm failing at putting links in the description, but googling "Muni Metro car" or "Muni Metro map" will make it clearer what I'm getting at here.)

I interpret the J-Church as being a terrible hipster because it runs through some of the highest hipster density parts of the City.
I have drawn personifications of the others, but I decided to cosplay the J because it was my local line the first time I lived in San Francisco (though I'm a K-Ingleside rider now), and because San Francisco never tires of making fun of hipsters.

I made the cardigan completely from scratch, and without a real pattern, and I painted the route sign on the t-shirt. The rest of this (aside from the hipster glasses) is stuff I already had.

Definitely need to get some pictures that aren't crappy iPhone photos in terrible lighting, but maybe that's too mainstream?


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