Royalbakaness as Princess Cadance

Princess Cadance

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Cosplayer: Royalbakaness
So I've been wanting to do Cadance for a while now, and my friend finally talked me into it.
The wig is from I flat-ironed it because I didn't want it quite so curly.
The ears are made from craft foam and glued to alligator clips.
The horn is made from model magic. I took a screw and drilled it through a headband. That way I could wear the headband under my wig and screw the horn on.
The crown and bracelets are made from poster paper and metallic gold spray paint. The jewels on the crown are made of hot glue. I used plaster and modeling clay to make molds and then put the hot glue in. I then used nail polish to paint them.
The necklace was made the same way as the crown jewels.
The wings are made of craft foam, glued onto a coat hanger. I used clear elastic to put them on around my shoulders.
The dress was a pattern from Simplicity. It was the more complicated part of the cosplay, and it was a joint-effort between me and my mum.
Not easy to move around in, and I hope it won't be a problem at the con >_>