Prince Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave

Valkyria Chronicles



Curse you, art books, and your siren spells. (Although if you're planning a Valkyria Chronicles cosplay and you don't have the art book - get it.)

EDIT: Done. Done done done dooonnnnneeeee. Wore it to con and absolutely nothing requires repair. MIRACLE. Pics soon.

The base clothing (pants, shirt, vest, and cape) were commissioned, but I'm making quite a few modifications as I learn to sew.

Pants: [Done.] Added gold piping down the sides.

Shirt: [Done.] Took in the sleeves, added the collar details. Added the gold trim/piping design.

Vest/outer shirt: [Done.] Made the epaulets. Added braided gold cording on the chest (all hand-sewn).

Shoes: [Done.] bought white boots. Knee armor is done and attached. Just finishing the fan shaped detailing.

Laurel crown: [Done.] Made from braided cord and craft foam leaves.

Cape: [Done.] Changing nothing because it's gorgeous and I can't embroider. Ha. All I did was sew on heavy duty snaps to attach it.

Armor: [Done.] SO MUCH. This is the most time-consuming and it covers quite a bit of the costume. Ahhh. Details on how I made the armor is on the WIP photos.

Helmet: [Done.] Even though it only shows up in a single cut-scene, I love this thing and therefore must attempt to make it. The base is a cheap hardhat. Detailing is craft foam. The crest is nylon bristles recycled from a few brooms.


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Character Prince Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave


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